Upcoming Webinar: How to Deal With International Price Differentiation

Upcoming Webinar: How to Deal With International Price Differentiation

Webinar - How to Deal With International Price Differentiation


Date: 03 February 2015
Location: Online

Stratinis is pleased to announce a new webinar on the topic of "How to Deal With International Price Differentiation" will be held on 03 February 2015.

Prices very often vary across different countries. In many cases this is actually good pricing practice, as it allows for pricing according to that market’s willingness to pay. But in many instances it is also much more difficult to manage differentiated pricing in different countries, different currencies and different business environments where customers may perceive the products or services differently from other markets. Also, differentiated pricing sometimes exposes suppliers to customers who are able to exploit those price differences, sometimes called parallel trade, to the detriment of the supplier profitability.

Hosted by Finn Hansen, this webinar will look at strategies and techniques for managing and optimizing differentiated prices around the globe, while mitigating parallel trade risks.The webinar will take place on 03 February 2015 at 1600 Greenwich Mean Time / 1700 Central European Time / 1100 Eastern Time / 0800 Pacific Time, and will last approximately 45 minutes with the opportunity for participants to ask questions.

If you would like to participate in this webinar simply email and access details will be provided ahead of the webinar.

For full details see:

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