Pricing Software as a Service

Do you have many prices to update or manage? Are you looking to optimize prices scientifically? Does your business involve pricing in different countries and selling to international customers? Stratinis' cloud-based price management and revenue optimization software can help.

Cloud-based Pricing Software

Analyze, Optimize, and Execute Prices

Almost all companies struggle to price right. Sometimes it can be because of larger number of prices to manage and update. Other times, it can be because it is difficult to determine what is an optimal price. Businesses selling internationally have a whole load of additional challenges such as managing price differences in different markets with different currencies, levels of competitiveness, willingness-to-pay or other factors.

      Stratinis' poweful pricing software helps with all of that and much more. With the pricing software delivered in the cloud, companies can be up and running quickly, at a predicatable and manageable cost. Stratinis takes care of the handling of all IT related tasks, and you can focus on managing and optimizing your prices and revenue.

Updating thousands of prices

Thousands of products? Customers? Many different countries? or prices updated very frequently? Stratinis Pricing Software is built for managing even millions of prices.

Price Optimization

Are you charging the right price for a product or service? Could you charge more? Without losing overall revenue?

Revenue Management

In B2B, net prices include a variety of discounts and rebates. Stratinis Pricing Suite gives you full control and optimization of net revenue.

Price Increases

Simulate price increases before implementation. Identify optimal price points. Control discounting to get full effect of increase.

Quotes & Deals

Let sales people simulate and optimize deals, respecting corporate pricing policies. Control and optimize quotes and price offers.

International Pricing

Manage prices, discounts and rebates across countries. Optimize international key account pricing. Avoid pricing risks and grey markets.

Pricing Analytics

Get full insights into prices, discounts and rebates, all the way over net prices to profitability. Analyze both historical, current and future prices.

Requests & Workflows

Continuous improvement of pricing through iterative simulation and approval of price change requests. Alert sales people about violation of corporate price guidelines