Optimize Prices, Discounts and Rebates

Pricing Software, Pricing Advice and Price Research to help companies optimize prices and profits across segments, channels and countries.

Superior Pricing Through Tools, Advice and Insights.

Stratinis helps companies of all types to achieve superior pricing through a combination of pricing software, consultancy, and market research.

Pricing Software

Stratinis Pricing Suite is an enterprise-class software solution that helps companies analyze, optimize, and manage prices, discounts and rebates.

Pricing Advice

We can help you with pricing strategy, pricing models, price optimization, terms & conditions systems, market pricing, value pricing and many other aspects that add value to your pricing approach.

Price Research

Through market research you can stop guessing and instead base pricing decisions on market facts.


% Improvement in Price from Pricing Initiatives


% Improvement in Profits from Pricing Initiatives


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Days for full payback on Price Research

Pricing Experts for You

Through a global network of pricing experts we can help you with pricing advice, ranging from overall strategy through modelling and value selling to implementation, communication plans and sales force training.


Pricing Advice

Improve your pricing strategy and pricing operations with expert advice, in fields ranging from pricing strategy, price setting, international price management, revenue optimization, segmentation and much more.


Pricing Implementation

Implement new pricing tools as well as processes with Stratinis' expert team.


Pricing Training

Enable your sales teams and others parts of the organization to get better prices through value pricing training.

Pricing Software

Stratinis Pricing Suite delivers strong ROI to any organization through a complete set of pricing features. The software is available in both an Enterprise version, typically integrated in-house with ERP, and a cloud-based, Online version.

Pricing Analytics

Analyze prices, discounts and rebates across any dimension in the tool, including segments, products, customers, channels, and countries.

Price Setting & Optimization

Set optimal prices using a combination of data science and human experience.

Price Execution

Give sales people price execution tools at their fingertips, to manage prices, discounts and rebates optimally.

Price Administration

Manage and update thousands or even millions of prices on a regular basis.