Pricing to Global Key Accounts

Learn how to deal with the pricing pressure from global key accounts.


Pricing or discounting to global key accounts has an additional set of challenges compared to when pricing to local or national customers. This includes:

  • Prices, discounts and rebates very often vary from country to country, for the same product and to the same customer.
  • International buyers are becoming increasingly good at spotting differences and demanding harmonization to the lowest common denominator, even if there are good reasons for the differences (not always the case).
  • Key account managers find themselves ill-equipped to discuss prices across borders.
  • Organizations often struggle to put global key account pricing into system and therefore end up harmonizing prices to the lowest common denominator. This costs a lot of money in lost profits.

We have written a whitepaper about how to tackle pricing and discounting to global key accounts. It can be downloaded from here: 

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