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    Partnering with Stratinis

We are proud to offer our solutions also through our current partners around the world. As a partner of Stratinis you will have the opportunity to offer existing and new clients new solutions that will simplify and optimise processes involved in price management. Price management software is in strong growth and offers additional revenue streams to companies already working in selling or implementing ERP or CRM systems.

Business Development Partners

Partners who help Stratinis develop markets.

Implementation partners

These partners help end-customers implement the software, including customization and adaptation, creation of data adaptors to exchange information with other applications or general implementation project management.

Consulting partners

Partners who offer price consulting services to companies who need not only a price management system but also general, often strategic, advice on how to price optimally.

A partner can have more than one of the above roles, offering multiple services to the final customer.

Current Partners


PriceBeam is a leading provider of pricing market research. With its unique method it can handle all the complexity of conducting willingness-to-pay studies and deliver complete results in less than 2 weeks for more than 70 countries world-wide.



RevBeam offers expert advice on pricing and revenue management, through consulting services as well as several online platforms.


Input Consulting

Input is a leading consultancy firm, with headquarter in Switzerland and customers around Europe, in particular the German speaking parts.


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