Working for Stratinis

Working for Stratinis

Stratinis is on the forefront of the current technological innovation in the pricing industry, and our software truly transforms the way businesses view their pricing. As an employee, you will be bringing state-of-the-art pricing research to the market, and help businesses unlock their profitability potential by growing their revenue and profits.

We always make money for our clients

Clients are always extremely happy because they make a truckload of money from using our solutions. Good for them! But also, good for you! It makes work much more pleasant and meaningful. No angry customers on the line, and you can feel good about what you do.

We are building the future

Our business is not under threat from disruption and innovation: we’re the ones disrupting and innovating! The future is at our feet, and at Stratinis you will take part in shaping it. Our team is a mix of experienced pricing people with deep knowledge from their many years in the industry, and newcomers that bring fresh perspectives to the table. Regardless of which category you belong to, you will have an impact on Stratinis’s direction.

We are entrepreneurs at heart

Stratinis’s founders are all entrepreneurs, and this spirit lives on in the company. We value self-starters and free thinkers who don’t simply rely on conventional methods, and you are always encouraged to speak your mind. Entrepreneurship is truly at the heart of our company and a driving force behind our continuous innovation.

About Us

Stratinis provides companies with capabilities to optimize prices, discounts and rebates through software, expertise and market research.


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