Pricing with Big Data

Using Big Data in Pricing

Stratinis Big Pricing is a World-leading technology to simulate and update thousands, millions or even billions of prices, discounts and rebates.

Some pricing scenarios that Stratinis’ Big Pricing technology can solve include:

  • Continuous update of millions of price points to an e-commerce site
  • Simulation of price increases across millions of prices or products before these are put to the market place
  • target price calculation for a global pricing team, across 200 markets, millions of products, hundreds of price types or discount types.
  • Price optimization

If you need to simulate prices or optimize prices across many markets, countries, products, channels or customers, then Stratinis Big Pricing is for you. Contact us for further details.

The technology behind Stratinis Big Pricing involves applying a number of computing instances to the given pricing challenge.

Big Data Pricing

So if a certain calculation task takes 16 seconds if handled by a single calculation engine, when the same task is spread across 16 calculation engines, the same results can be delivered in 1 second. This means that even very large price calculation challenges can be solved by applying modern cloud technologies. And because it runs in the cloud, Stratinis Big Pricing instances can be spun up and down and thus we only charge you for the computing resources you need, not for running idle servers for a whole month, year or server lifetime.

About Us

Stratinis provides companies with capabilities to optimize prices, discounts and rebates through software, expertise and market research.


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