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Stratinis expands development activities

Monday, December 4, 2006

Stratinis, one of Europe’s most recent providers of price management solutions, today announced the opening of its new development centre in Bucharest, Romania. This centre is in addition to the existing centre already established earlier this year in London.

“This event marks an important phase as well as progression of our plans in delivering a highly customisable, robust and integrated price management solution to our customers”, said Stratinis’ CEO and Founder Mr. Finn Helmo Hansen at the opening in Bucharest.

On the question of why Bucharest was chosen Mr. Hansen said: “We have been looking into a number of different key locations over the past 2 years and followed the trends and changes very closely. What became the deciding factor for us was the geographical location, the political stability as well as the newly announced accession to the EU and not least a highly skilled IT-literate workforce”.

Stratinis’ upcoming International Pricing Suite is a unique tool for managing prices both locally and internationally. The average company stands to improve operating income by more than 8% for each 1 % improvement in pricing, so clients can benefit substantial profit potentials from using our enterprise class application.

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