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Webinar on 10th November: Managing Off-Invoice Discounts Across Borders

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stratinis is pleased to announce its next Webinar on the topic of 'Managing Off-Invoice Discounts Across Borders' will be held on Thursday 10th November 2011. 

Off-invoice discounts are difficult to manage in a single country due to many factors. The purpose of the off-invoice monies can be unclear, follow-up on what was spent may lack control or perhaps it is stored in a different IT system than on-invoice elements. These challenges multiply considerably when it comes to establishing transparency and intra-company understanding between countries. How do you measure what is being spent in each country, if accounting methods differ and the data is stored in disparate databases? If off-invoice discounts are used for investing in the customer or end-user activities, how do you ensure that return on investment is adequate against market potential? Also, how do you ensure that international customers cannot exploit spend differences to do pocket price arbitrage between your different markets?


Hosted by Stratinis CEO and Founder, Mr Finn Hansen, this webinar will look at some of the strategies and tactics used to better manage off-invoice discounts between countries and business units.

To sign up, sinply send an email to and access details will be sent out shortly before the webinar. 

Stratinis regularly hosts webinars of interest to pricing practitioners. To find out what is coming soon, please see our events page:

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