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Stratinis to host Webinar on Successfully Implementing Price Increases

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stratinis would like to invite you to its latest Webinar, hosted by CEO and Founder Mr Finn Hansen, on Monday 5th September 2011.


This webinar looks at strategies and tactics for how to get more out of price increases, in particular at the pocket price level. The economic downturn has meant that price increases have been more difficult to communicate to customers. Many companies face challenges with getting price increases through, not only externally with customers, but sometimes also internally with the sales people. If the list price goes up by 5% but 4.5% is given back in extra discounts, the profit expectations are probably not met.


The webinar will focus on how to manage price increases with a multitude of stakeholders and partners, and suggests tactics for getting more profit out of price increases.


The webinar takes place at 15h00 CEST (14h00 BST), and lasts for 45 minutes with the opportunity for participants to ask questions. For more information and to sign up, please see our events page here: 

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