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Stratinis & Abeam Consulting Announce Partner Agreement

Friday, August 14, 2009

London, United Kingdom – August 14 2009 – Stratinis is pleased to announce that ABeam Consulting Europe will add a price & discount management application to their current portfolio of consulting services in price and margin management, by promoting Stratinis Pricing Suite to their customers in manufacturing industries such as consumer goods, chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive.


The Stratinis and ABeam Consulting partnership is a witness to the growing focus on handling national and international pricing challenges in an increasingly more complex and informed business environment. The addition of the financial crisis, and the fact that large international manufacturers have millions of pricing decisions every year, have encouraged top management to focus even more on the additional margin to be preserved through price and discounts management.


“Almost any manufacturing company with an international playground has complex pricing processes which are yet not sufficiently supported by strong enough tools. With Stratinis we have an opportunity to present a best-of-class application, with a core architecture of international logic and the intelligence of Stratinis Pricing Suite,” says Michael Schneider, Partner and marketing & sales practice lead at ABeam Consulting Europe.


ABeam has more than 4200 professionals distributed globally. “It is particularly interesting to partner with ABeam Consulting because they are in forefront in many consulting areas where Stratinis Pricing Suite adds value. ABeam Consulting has shown extraordinary skill in the pricing discipline, amongst those issuing the 2008 “European Strategic Pricing Study”. With the addition of ABeam as a partner, Stratinis will get exposed to European opportunities, as well as to the Asian and American markets”, said Peter Dam-Johnsen, SVP Sales & Marketing at Stratinis.

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