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Stratinis announces support for 64 bit computing in Stratinis Pricing Suite

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

London, United Kingdom – 29 January 2008 – Stratinis, Europe’s most recent provider of international price management solutions, today announced its support for 64 bit computing in Stratinis Pricing Suite.


To meet even the highest demands for calculation of price optimisation data Stratinis now supports 64 bit computing in all editions of Stratinis Pricing Suite. Using 64 bit technology the server can handle larger data sets. Furthermore, the execution of Stratinis’ proprietary price optimisation algorithms will also run faster on a 64 bit platform.


“We are pleased to expand into 64 bit computing. It will offer unprecedented scalability and performance for Stratinis solutions” said Stratinis’ CEO, Finn Helmo Hansen.


Stratinis Pricing Suite is an enterprise application for managing a company’s prices and discounts. It offers key pricing benefits to customers, including price analysis along customer segments, channels, geography, sales areas and other client characteristics. Customers can also use the Pricing Suite to set pricing rules or guidelines and the information can be pushed to the sales force, so they benefit from strong decision support tools when negotiating prices and discounts with their clients.

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