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Stratinis announces Stratinis Pricing Suite IKAM Edition

Friday, August 17, 2007

London, United Kingdom – 17 August 2007 – Stratinis, Europe’s most recent provider of international price management solutions, today announced its newest software solution, Stratinis Pricing Suite IKAM Edition.

Based on strong demand for a pricing solution for managing prices and discounts with international key accounts, Stratinis has developed an International Key Account Management (IKAM) Edition of its Pricing Suite.

Stratinis Pricing Suite IKAM Edition offers much of the same functionality as in the Stratinis Pricing Suite Enterprise Edition but focuses on the pricing challenges companies face when selling the same product via subsidiaries in different countries to the same key account. It includes the ability to translate prices from one country to another, compare prices across countries, and enforce pricing rules across companies and offers strong pricing execution tools, including contract management and deal simulation.

With Stratinis Pricing Suite IKAM Edition, customers stand to benefit from an enhanced overview and understanding of international key accounts, management of prices and discounts for specific accounts, sharing of relationship information between key account managers around the globe and execution of local as well as international deals. Using Stratinis Pricing Suite, customers have the potential of improving net prices by 1-3% as well as mitigating pricing risks with some key accounts, worth easily 10% of net sales to those accounts.

Stratinis Pricing Suite IKAM Edition is currently being installed with some early-adopters. It is scheduled for general availability in Q4 2007.

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