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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stratinis Announces New Webinar: "Using Target Pricing Models to Optimize Prices" Read more >

Price management in an internationalising world

Would you like to increase your organisation's operating profits by 8%? Stratinis Pricing Suite can help you. Through the implementation and application of a price management strategy the average company stands to improve operating income by more than 8% for each 1% improvement in price.

Stratinis Pricing Suite covers all core disciplines of price management: Analysis, Guidance/Strategy and Execution. It also includes strong collaboration functionality to allow teams around the globe to work together on pricing.

Price management remains a relatively unexploited field for many companies even though it is potentially one of the strongest profit improvement tools any organisation has. As there are no additional costs of goods sold or need for additional fixed costs, price and discount optimis ation directly increase profits.

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